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What is Cost Management? 



Actively sourcing your external spend is the fastest and most effective way to create a profit cushion without jeopardizing quality.


Defining what you need and can spend before you engage with a supplier will reduce your total costs as you grow your business. 


Choosing the right supplier through a sourcing process will reduce your costs today and avoid hidden costs tomorrow.

               Benefits of Cost Management 


Reduce Costs 

Better define what you need to buy and pay less than what you do today.

Increase Value

Create clear expectations between you and your suppliers and manage performance.

Preserve Capital 

Retain operating capital and profits so you can invest more in growing your business. 

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Cost Management and Small Business 

Procurement is...

May 06, 2021

How to RFP

May 10, 2021

Save the money?

May 13, 2021

As a partner and member of the executive leadership team of Covex LLC for the past 18 years before our sale to The Clark Companies, our growth can be attributed to our ability to take advantage of market opportunities, which was keenly dependent on effective management of our costs.  Barry’s counsel, especially over the last few years, on what good cost management looks like was critical for me in my role supporting the organization.  His ability to understand business needs and bridge them to the optimal cost management tactic is invaluable. 

Michael Zanette, Vice President Compliance Services at Covex

Having recently acquired my practice, I needed to find an IT systems management service that could help me upgrade my systems and provide on-going support.  After finding The Savings Lab and working within their process, I was armed with the knowledge and tools I needed to make sure I was going to partner with the right supplier.  I did AND I was able to negotiate a 12% savings vs. market pricing using The Savings Lab methodology.

Dr. Anthony Memmo, Owner Restoration Spine and Wellness 

I was connected with The Savings Lab through a small business mentoring program.  Barry quickly grasped the potential within the remote patient monitoring market and how good cost management could be critical to our success.  Engaging with him on a weekly basis has been beneficial to me.  We are deploying our platform to a large number of physician offices and his recommendation to hire contractors vs. full time employees was critical because we were able to maximize flexibility and align their on-boarding to the deployment schedule allowing us to reduce expenditures and preserve capital. 

Founder and CEO, Stealth healthcare start-up 

Source and Negotiate: What you need not what you think you need.

When you come from a place of knowing what you want, you increase your chances of success.  Cost Management is no different and this course will accelerate and enable you with the knowledge and tools to:

1) Create more competition among your suppliers

2) Negotiate better contracts with your suppliers

3) Increase value from your supplier relationships

You will walk away with tangible knowledge and playbook you can use to reduce your costs by an average of 8% right away!

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